Site Injector Tool

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Tools

Hi Guys

We have released this tool source code (.net 4.0 project) and  lets be kind and call it beta.

Download Link

This tool for testing anti keylogging products and does this a number of ways


We have been very busy at the moment so we haven’t had time to complete it so we releasing it with a lot of problems but it is POC .

We releasing it without proper testing or error handling as a example if the Application is protecting the cookie and you don’t select DOM protection the app will DIE a HORRIBLE death with a access denied message and it doesn’t zero after use so you need to close and reopen when ever you run a command.(LOL)

We didn’t have time to fix it as we have a lot of assessment at the moment.Hey but if you would like to fix and drop us the link KweL we will post and give you cred

We tried it mostly with facebook

PS thanks to for the web server code that we  butchered for this tool


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